Dr. Patricia Mechael Discusses the Global Digital Health Index in New Merck for Mothers Report

Dr. Patricia Mechael, co-founder and policy lead at HealthEnabled and one of the partners facilitating the development of the Global Digital Health Index (GDHI), sat down with Merck for Mothers to discuss the need for the Index and how it can help solve some of the world’s greatest healthcare challenges. She said of the Index:

“This tool is really aiming, one, to help us measure digital health progress at a global level, but then also for individual countries to be able to measure and monitor their own progress.”

Now, Dr. Mechael says, it’s time to mobilize countries to participate in the Index by engaging ministries of health to assess their country’s digital health maturity and use the data to advocate for resources, develop supportive policies, and raise the bar on the field of digital health.  

Read the full report here.

Christine Dickason