The Global Digital Health Index Announces the 2018 Digital Health Data Challenge

Competition challenges digital health networks to facilitate country participation to enable tracking of regional and global trends

Washington, D.C., USA – August 22, 2018 – The Global Digital Health Index (GDHI)—an interactive digital health self-assessment tool and maturity model that enables countries to track, monitor, and evaluate the use of digital technology for health within and across countries—is thrilled to launch the first Digital Health Data Challenge. The challenge aims to strengthen digital health globally by increasing the number of countries with data represented in the Index, and recognizing the networks that have the most countries—both by total count and percentage—participating in the Index.

“As more countries participate in the Global Digital Health Index, it will become an invaluable resource in highlighting regional and global trends, progress, and gaps in digital health - enabling more strategic coordination and engagement of digital health networks in identifying and meeting the needs of the countries they support,” said Patricia Mechael, co-founder and policy lead at HealthEnabled.

To tap into this connective power, the GDHI is challenging digital health networks to drive active participation from their member countries – ultimately to help us all achieve smarter health worldwide. Regional and global digital health networks play an important role in the digital health ecosystem, facilitating joint learning opportunities and overall strengthening of the field. In order for the GDHI to reach its bold goal of 75 countries by the end of 2018, active participating from digital health networks will be critical.

By increasing country engagement with the GDHI, this competition will allow participating networks and countries to celebrate their digital health progress, identify key areas of need for strategic planning and overall capacity building, and facilitate cross-country sharing and learning.

GDHI is launching the challenge today and inviting all regional and global digital health networks to participate in the competition. The competition will run until Friday, September 28, and winners will be announced on Wednesday, October 10 during Digital Health Week in Sri Lanka. To learn more about the Global Digital Health Challenge, including rules, criteria, and eligibility requirements, visit

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Christine Dickason