Digital Health Data Challenge FAQs

  • Who's eligible for the challenge?

    • To be eligible for the Digital Health Data Challenge, you must:

      • Be an existing regional or global network focused on digital health or related technology and health fields.

      • Have two or more countries represented within the network.

  • I'm eligible! How do I participate?

  • One of my member countries wants to contribute to the Index. How do they do that?

  • How are winners chosen?

    • There will be two challenge winners:

      • WINNER ONE: Awarded to the network with the highest total count of member countries participating in the index. (This includes only countries who joined the index during the competition.)

      • WINNER TWO: Awarded to the network with the highest percentage of member countries participating in the network. (This includes countries who joined both before AND during the competition.)

  • How is progress tracked?

    • We take care of that! As new countries participate in the index, we will make sure they are tallied as part of the registered network(s) that have included the countries as part of their registration.

  • What if I have additional questions?


Important Challenge Dates

August 22 — Challenge begins. 

November 30 — Challenge ends.

December 10 - Winners announced.